This 2x2 chart visualizes communities based on their degree of open-mindedness and like-mindedness. The horizontal axis spans from "Not Like-minded" on the left to "Like-minded" on the right. The vertical axis spans from "Not Open-minded" at the bottom to "Open-minded" at the top. In the upper left quadrant (Open-minded, Not Like-minded) is an image of the Burning Man Festival, representing a diverse community that values openness to new experiences. In the upper right quadrant (Open-minded, Like-minded) is an image of scientists in a lab, signifying a group that shares a common goal and is open to new ideas. The lower left quadrant (Not Open-minded, Not Like-minded) features an image of an extended family at Thanksgiving dinner, symbolizing a community with diverse interests and resistance to change. The lower right quadrant (Not Open-minded, Like-minded) displays an image of a secret society, representing a group unified in purpose but resistant to external ideas. Images in each quadrant are in the style of Wes Anderson.

Many thanks to Midjourney for creating the image in each quadrant.

Tagged: webcomic